CHR’s Newest Home!

We wanted to extend a huge thank you to the entire community for rallying to help us find a new office last month. A local non-profit extended a generous offer and we moved into a beautiful, large facility across town. We are so stoked to have this space to grow our organization and programming over the next few years! 

The health department approved our food storage for food pantries purposes and we are trying to build our capacity to further address food insecurity, hunger, and nutrition in our community. We have a large warehouse and are hoping to further bolster our shelves with food items for distribution through our mobile food pantry. 

We are sending out an ask for all non-perishable food items, storage shelves, and working fridges and freezers!

Please get in contact with us through [email protected], our phone number, or through messenger to schedule a donation pickup. 

Thanks for everyone’s support in making sure everyone in this community has access to abundant, nutritious food. 

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